Chaos to Clarity
About Phonicsc2c



Phonics Chaos to Clarity Program is a systematic and self-sufficient early phonics based reading program typically for children aged 3-7 years that can also be applied across all ages and demographics regardless of social-economical background. It is designed to teach beginning reading and to build reading success through a comprehensive, structured and spiraling curriculum.


The Phonics c2c curriculum consists of a comprehensive and multisensory set of learning tools like workbooks, flash cards, storybooks, games and worksheets for students and teachers that ensure a child’s reading success. These can be divided into a 5 year curriculum starting with Nursery and Junior K.G, going into Sr. KG and ending with 2nd standard. The program teaches:

  • Phonological Awareness
  • Phonics
  • Handwriting
  • Reading fluency
  • Oral Language/Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Reading Comprehension

in a lesson plan that is specifically designed for the way readers learn. It has a lot of practice for each skill, which ensures mastery in reading and provides assessment tools, which empowers the teacher to carry out continuous assessment at each step of learning.

The entire set of teaching material comes with a one on one/group training program and 1 month of free telephonic consultation which will equip teachers / parents with all the tools required to administer this easy to use and self-sufficient program.


  • Easy for any educator to implement:
    Teacher's Guide and customized training by our team provides explicit, detailed instruction to support teachers at every step.
  • Instruction matched to Learners’ needs:
    Abundant resources (for both teachers and students) for continuous assessment and reinforcement, which ensures every Learner has what is needed to master skills.
  • Professional Development Workshops:
    Flexible workshops taught by our team to deliver the powerful, systematic instruction that can help you experience unprecedented results.
  • Remedial Resource for Struggling Learners:
    8 to 10% of the children in every classroom do not learn reading at the same pace as the rest of the class children. Therefore Phonics Chaos to Clarity Program has supplementary material to address their needs.

WHO IS Phonics C2C FOR?

The c2c program is designed for experts and laymen alike who wish to teach others how to read. All you require to implement this program is the set of comprehensive teaching materials specifically designed for step by step development and/or attendance to the training program that comes with it. Our program is used by:

  • Schools Teachers/ Nursery School Teachers
  • Parents who want to tutor their children
  • Tuition Teachers
  • Stay at Home Mothers who want to work with children as a form of community service
  • Education Industry Professionals
  • Remedial Teachers
  • Phonic and Grammar Class Teachers
  • Toy Libraries
  • Volunteers and Teachers from NGOs


The C2C program has been developed with the help of leading educators lead by Veena Basu who has successfully, for more than 25 years, helped thousands of children from all over the world improve their reading, writing and language skills where regular institutions and curriculums have struggled.

The content of the program is based on the most current research about how children learn best.

The program has been tested with children, teachers and parents in a one to one setting as well as classroom set up. The program was found to be interactive and fun, presented in vibrant and visually appealing ways. Most importantly, it yielded guaranteed results across varying levels of expertise among teachers and students alike with minimal expense of any supplemental tools or materials other than those provided with the program.


  • It is the most competitively priced product in the market
  • One time investment - no additional tools/investments required apart the ones that come with the kit
  • School and teacher friendly - provides teacher training
  • Contains culture friendly content, context and illustrations
  • Has assessment /teacher monitoring material
  • Complete, comprehensive, ready to use product that yields guaranteed results


IGCSE/IB School: DSB (German School-Mumbai) and Fazlani L’Academie Globale
ICSE: New Activity School
SSC Schools: Muktangan 7 Schools, Sanskar Balmandir 3 Schools, Mamabhai High School, AJF School, Dawood Fazalbhoy School
Rajasthan: Rishikul School
Trishur, Kerala 6 preprimary schools
Dubai: Gems Education