Chaos to Clarity


1."The idea of stories used to teach" - Shital . N​ from Chennai​.

I got trained from VERVE almost 10 yrs back. Since then I have being training kids on phonics n reading. I have trained more than 200 kids on phonics besides training kids of many play schools n kindergartens.

The results are excellent. The idea of stories used to teach the sounds of alphabets is very innovative. The kids are ready to learn the sounds n never forget. The books are perfect to make their basics of spelling strong. The storybooks helps them learn reading the fun way. The Rainbow writing helped kids to learn how to write the letters in the correct format.

Chaos to Clarity phonics is perfect way to start learning phonics/spelling, reading, storytelling.

Shital . N​ from Chennai
( 9840091290 )

2. "International School Success." - Mrudula Asokan.

Mrudula Asokan Kindergarden Supervisor buys Phonics Chaos to Clarity for her school.

Mrudula Asokan
Kindergarten Supervisor
GEMS Heritage Indian School
Phase 2 Building, GEMS New Millenium School
Al Khail Road, P.O. Box 391740
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: 044452968

2. "teaches phonics/reading and conducts workshops for teachers." - ​Rajshree Chaudhari.

I have been conducting workshops for professional​s​ and parents since the past 9 years. However, In the last one year and half I have us​ed​ the ​Phonics C​ha​os​ to Clarity Reading Program ​in Goa where I effectively managed to help over 500 children read using this program. My experience with it has been ​excellent​.

Now I have relocated to Gandhinagar and have personally invested in Phonics Chaos to Clarity program as I would like to continue teaching here. ​Today, where everybody is talking about using Phonics, and although so many videos are available on YouTube and other materials online, its very rare to come across something that one can translate into practical use. Chaos to Clarity is a program that has been very meticulously designed. It progresses very sequentially and systematically and it is clear that a lot of thought process and research has gone into designing it. The idea of introducing ​letter sound association using stories​ and teaching it at various progressive levels, from word, to sentences to story books, really helps the children to learn to read! ​T​he results of using this program with children is amazing​ and I am hoping to teach equally effectively in Gandhinagar.​